Stereo 3D Images of the Colorado Plateau
-from a 12 day road trip through Utah & Arizona in December 2007-

By clicking on any thumbnail image below, you will launch a new window to browse the images in a variety of stereo formats, such as crossview and parallel view , or as single 2D images.

Canyonlands NP, Green River Overlook: canyons and mesas seemingly without end
Flying over Lake Powell, formed by the damming of the Colorado River. Note the terraced layers of the Colorado plateau, a common feature throughout the region Arches NP: outstanding examples of what wind, water and a few million years can do to the layers of stone
Pine Tree Arch: at over 6000 ft., Arches NP can be very cold in winter A yukka plant: somehow these hardy plants can survive the searing heat of summer and the biting cold of winter Wall Arch: there are over 2000 arches in the park with more still to be discovered
Landscape Arch: an improbable sliver of sandstone stretching over 306 ft., really makes one wonder about Nature's creative whimsey A juniper bush, dried and twisted in its contorted death, with Sand Arch in the distance This hard land of rock and sand will spring to life with the first rains of spring
A sunset view of the cliffs, fins and buttes of Arches NP Monument Valley Tribal Park on the Navajo Reservation is the classic western landscape made famous in John Wayne movies Great pillars of stone are scattered throughout Monument Valley
In the badlands of the Paria Wilderness stand a group of hoodoos known as The Rimrocks Some large, some small, the hoodoos are formed by boulders of harder rock slowing the erosion of softer rock below Another view of a hoodoo known as The Toadstool
Zion NP, with its soaring cliffs and narrow valleys, is so popular that cars are banned from May to October At the end of Zion Canyon stands a pinnacle of rock known as The Pulpit The Zion Plateau, an open landscape of eroded sandstones, is a great place to explore on foot
Grosvenor Arch on Cottonwood Canyon Road, deep in the heart of the vast Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument A view of Calf Creek, on the way to Boulder Utah, the last place in the U.S. to receive mail by mule train
A hyper-stereo view of the entrance to Long Canyon Looking down on the Burr Trail as it winds into Long Canyon A sunlight alcove in Long Canyon
The Devil's Garden off Hole-in-the-Rock Road in Grand Staircase-Escalante NM Devil's Garden is a small area filled with unusual rock formations Metate Arch in the Devil's Garden
Sunrise at Bryce Canyon NP, probably the most spectacular hoodoo formation in the world A closer view of the spires of Bryce Canyon THe rocks of Red Canyon near Bryce NP
Valley of Fire State Park, a great place to visit, only one hour from Las Vegas Elephant Arch in Valley of Fire State Park