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Cappadocia in 3D (...and 2D)
Situated in Central Turkey, Cappadocia is famous for its strange landscape of volcanic hoodoos, called fairy chimneys. For thousands of years people have carved cave homes, cave churches, even whole underground cities, in the soft rock of the surrounding valleys.

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I visited the Cappadocia region of Turkey in November 2012, an area full of history, mysterious landscapes and many friendly faces.

Naturally I took a few stereo photographs which can be launched as four slideshows by clicking on the images at left.

There are a variety of viewing formats, including 2D!

I've also put a 11 minute Cappadocia video on YouTube which can be launched here.

A strange & historic land
A proud people & culture
The village of Goreme
An afternoon balloon ride

In 2010, I started a photo blog as a way to share my images on a regular basis.

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December 2010 Florida Travelogue: images in 2D and 3D
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CBC Newsworld Interview
I was interviewed by a producer at CBC Newsworld about the resurgence of 3D films. The segment aired as part of The Scene, an arts program, on Friday, July 25 and then again on Saturday and Sunday. More about 3D films>>>

Gail & I spent 12 days in December 2007 traveling with a Jeep 4WD to five national parks, several state parks and the vast region known as the Grand Staircase, all part of the Colorado Plateau. It is a visually stunning desert region, full of red rock canyons, buttes, mesas and oddly shaped pillars, known as hoodoos. By clicking on an image below you will enter a gallery of photos that give just a taste of what we saw and experienced on our journey.
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